How it works

A fast, safe and cheap way to receive payments



Chooses to pay with dagcoins.


Creates an invoice with a unique QR code for the customer and provides payment information for the merchant.


The customer pays you directly to your Dagcoin wallet.

Grow your business

Become part of a growing community of more than 100,000 users

Торговый Искатель

Merchant Finder

The merchant finder tool allows you to search for and find businesses that accept dagcoins. Whether you are looking for like-minded companies in your local area or partners to trade with. You will find a sea of opportunities.
Увеличьте вашу видимость

Increase your visibility

There is not one business in the world that doesn’t want to increase its visibility online. Joining the Merchant Finder will not only make your business more visible to other traders who use Dagcoin, but to anybody searching the web for the kind of services you offer.

Fast transactions. Fast confirmations

Receive payments from anywhere in the world in seconds.

Супер быстрые платежи

Super fast payments

With Dagcoin you can send a payment to anybody, anywhere, at any time. And they will receive it in just 30 seconds. With other cryptocurrencies payments can take many minutes or even hours. In December 2017, some Bitcoin transactions even took weeks.
На будущее


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are based on blockchain technology which needs users to confirm payments. Therefore, the more people who use these currencies the slower they get.

Works like cash

A payment option with the same speed and security as cash

 Доказательство мошенничества

Fraud proof

Once dagcoins have been sent a transaction cannot be reversed. This means that unlike card payments a chargeback is not possible. This gives you peace of mind, because when a transaction is complete. It is 100% guaranteed.


Transactions with dagcoins take just 30 seconds, regardless of location or time. This is made possible because at no point do we hold your money. We simply provide your customer with the details to pay you directly.

Save more

Regular forms of payment come with high charges and hidden fees. Not Dagpay.




3.9% + $0.30 per every transaction



2.9% + $0.30 per every transaction



No fees.

0% is an introductory offer for the duration of our Beta development stage. Once this period is over a standard fee of 1% will be charged. All users will be informed long in advance of this change, which is due in 2019.


Why Dag-technology?

A faster, cheaper and more secure currency technology.



We love Bitcoin, we really do. But what we need is a cryptocurrency that gets faster every time it is used. Dag technology not only reduces the complete payment and confirmation process to just 30 seconds. Compared to minutes or hours for blockchain based cryptocurrencies. It will keep getting faster.
Низкие комиссии

Low fees

Regular blockchain cryptocurrencies pay those who confirm payments. It is these payments to so called “miners” that make currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin expensive to use. Because Dag based currencies are not mined, this significantly reduces costs. Meaning they can even be used for micropayments.

Dagpay products

Электронная коммерция

E-commerce checkout

Use Woocommerce or Magento? Simply download the plugin and you are good to go. If not, don’t worry. Dagpay can be easily integrated in to any web-shop.
Система POS

POS system

Our Point of Sale system makes it possible to accept Dagcoin payments at your shop, restaurant, sports club or beauty salon.
Email выставление счетов

Email invoicing

It doesn’t matter if you are part-time freelancer or a big multinational. Dagpay helps you to create an invoice with a unique QR code in seconds.

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